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wow! so pretty
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Shirataki noodles in miso soup (made w/ 1.5 cups of dashi stock and a tbsp of red miso paste) w/ spring onions and an ajitsuke egg 
Cauliflower rice hand rolls made w/ the last of the cauliflower rice (+ 2 tbsp of distilled vinegar), Japanese cucumber, an avocado, Japanese light mayo, and nori sheets (2.5), eaten w/ wheat-free shoyu and wasabi
TWG Eternal Summer tea
G: Tr (45 min)
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Summer Berry Ice Cream Cake | Camille Styles
Anonymous: hey ivy!! i love your blog so much! I just had a question about columbia because I am starting to apply for colleges and I just wanted your advice! Do you feel like Columbia has granted you a really helpful college experience because I know the academic pressures there are high so do you feel like you were able to flourish in columbia?? Thanks so much!!

I actually don’t think the academic pressures are too bad! It’s a steep learning curve, but once you get the hang of it (give it a semester or two) then academics can be put on cruise control. People also prioritize things differently. I have friends who like to be super academically challenged, so they’ll take 20+ credits each semester, whereas I take the minimum (5 classes per semester) to finish my major and minor. That way, I won’t be spread too thin, and I’ll have more time to dedicate to “flourishing” (as you put it) in on-campus leadership and other extracurricular activities, as well as maintaining a healthy social life.

Don’t let the challenging nature of Columbia intimidate or discourage you! Good luck with applications. :)

P.S. Thank you! :)

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Florals for spring Flannel for summer? Groundbreaking.