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397mi: what do you think about Emma Sulkowicz and her 'Carry the Weight' project? along with all of the things that has led up to her creating and partaking in this project?

I’d rather withhold any opinions on that specifically, because it’s a really touchy subject (and I can’t even imagine what it must be like and how I would personally react).

In terms of the administration, however, I do think that the school needs to have a stricter disciplinary code—not just in terms of sexual assault, but also for academic dishonesty, hate crime, etc. At Columbia and many other colleges, disciplinary cases are pretty much half-assed. Someone could be anything ranging from not totally innocent to pretty much guilty, and having a gray-scale for “guilt” is horribly ineffective in following up with actual consequences.

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☔️ Rainy day means breaking out the Bean boots.


You know you need to reevaluate your life choices when Drake songs become relevant.

Scratch that. You know you need to reevaluate your life choices when even TSwift doesn’t have a song that describes your current situation.

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